Life is a journey!

This is the personal web site of the Swiss-born artist and author, Eva Hesse – granddaughter of the Nobel prize winning author Hermann Hesse.

My Paintings

What is art? I don’t know if this question can be definitively answered. Each observer perceives a work of art according to their manner of understanding and because of this, the effect that the art has is not always very objective.

The observer is typically touched by the sensations that appear to be important to him or her alone, and which reflect their mood. But they can also remain indifferent, if not negative or opposed, to the work of art observed.

My abstract paintings are born, dare I say, from a visceral creativity and are determined by the impulsive moments in which I dive my brush into my colours and begin to paint.

These creative impulses come from the inspiration I derive from the nature that surrounds me. In nature, I find the balance that allows me to practically transfer the optical and spiritual impressions I receive into my pictorial work.

Gently driven and rocked by my state of mind, I find myself receiving wonderful liberating sensations, which enable me to create artistic abstractions of my thoughts. My rational mind sometimes wakes up to remind me of the importance of remaining true to my efforts.

The water and earth, fire and air, the sun, moon and stars all belong and come alive in my paintings. My desire is to offer the warmth and light of my desire for life, by stimulating the imagination of the observer.

When I’m able to do this, then I’ll know my art has been successful and I’ve done my work properly.

I exhibited my artwork between 1977 and 2002 in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I paint using watercolours and use collage technique in graphic design.Today I offer an online exhibition of some of my work, which you can view right here on this web site. Would you like to commission me to custom design a painting for you? Please contact me.

Kunst Gallerie

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My Readings

I am available to read from the books of my grandfather Hermann Hesse, as well as from my own. I present some of my ‚favourite texts‘, which best reflect the character of my grandfather. The texts have been selected from Die Stadt, Der Europäer and his poems.

My Life Philosophy

What is your relationship to Nature?

Nature is my source of healing, my culture – this means, whatever I draw from Nature, from the plant world, from trees, the food I eat, the Whole, I take all of it home with me and use it as my source of creativity.

It’s not possible for me to exist without Nature. When I visit a city, which I did quite recently, packed with so many people, I always seek out the solitude and private comfort, as well as the air, smell and earth, that only exist in Nature.

The beauty of Nature is simply vital to my life and life in general.

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Hermann und Eva. Mit meinem beliebten Nonno.

Who is Eva Hesse without her family’s legacy?

It’s difficult to talk about myself without mentioning my family, because I come from a family where art has been a way of life for over two generations: my parents were artists, so were my grandparents, and this activity obviously affects a child. But as a kid you’re not aware of this. So I said to them that I wanted to be an artist too, seeing as this was probably the easiest choice for me to make and this is what I ended up doing.

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Eva Hesse mit vierbienigen Freunden. Zuhause in Italien.

How are you different / similar to your grandfather (Hermann Hesse)?

Over the years, I’ve noticed the similarities I share with my grandfather: firstly, our connection to nature … the love of cats – he always had cats in his life … plants … such as roses, etc. … flowers were also important to him … and a social understanding for his staff, his gardener, basically for humans and human nature.

He was always politically active, which is something I’ve inherited from him even without really being conscious of it .. it’s important for me to understand and get along with people … I’m a peaceful character and not a war … well let’s say I despise war – my wish is to live in a peaceful world.

We also share an interest in the spiritual, although my grandfather was naturally light years ahead of me, and had studied and read many of the great spiritual works from India and China – which is something I haven’t really studied in detail. However, I realise that I have somehow inherited a lot of his insight and interest in this discipline from him.

I also have a great appreciation for languages. My grandfather’s era, the time in which he lived, that was obviously different to mine, but the solitude that he craved, I also need it.

I also love to write, but unfortunately, I’m not as good as he was. 🙂

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Eva Hesse, Malerin und Schreiberin.

What does love mean to you?

Love for me is not only about loving one person, but basically about loving the world, Nature, strangers too … I have travelled a lot in my life. I’m a curious person – I’ve always wanted to know how the world and other people live. So travel was and is a means to an end – to finding out the answer. I also love language – through language I have learned and understood how the world lives. This is an important part of my life.